The Ultimate Guide to Alloy Wheels

An alloy wheel is a wheel produced from combinations of non-ferrous metals, mostly Aluminium or magnesium. Alloy wheels are created in such a way that it allows for creative and custom designs during painting and powder coating which gives you the option of choosing a style that complements your vehicle.

Why choose Alloy wheels over Steel Wheels?

Alloys add value to your vehicle in lots of different ways, for instance, they are a popular choice for their pleasing aesthetics, and being lightweight they contribute to reduced fuel consumption and better vehicle performance through improved braking, accelerating, steering, and handling. The need to repair alloy wheels are way lesser than their steel counterpart because of their longevity and capability of being corrosion and dust resistant.

Alloys are a must-have for many motorists nowadays as they add monetary value to your car. Whether they’re spinning or stationary, they look great and also increase the aesthetic value of your car.

Do alloy wheels affect insurance?

Most vehicles come with alloy wheels as standard issue wheels nowadays, so your insurer should already include them in your insurance premium. If by any chance your car did not come with alloy wheels and you replace your standard-issue wheels with alloy wheels part way through your insurance term, notify your insurer just in case.

As alloy wheels add value to your car, it means your insurer needs to make a bigger payout if your car is stolen or damaged. Anyway, it is good practice to give your insurer an accurate description of your vehicle, including any modifications you make to it so that you don’t risk invalidating your claim.

Where can I repair my alloy wheels?

A broken or damaged alloy wheel is a tragedy, but it’s not a lost cause as our expert team at Number Plate Clinic knows how to repair alloy wheels to get them looking as good as new once again.

From surface damage which includes long-term wear and tear, as well as scratches, scuffs around the perimeter of the rim and kerb damage, are the most common and visible damage to alloy wheels. As alloy wheels are expensive, it is better to get in touch with an expert alloy wheel refurbishment company like Number Plate Clinic and get experts to assess and fix all kind of damages on your alloys for good

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