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Vehicle Car Number Show Plates for sale

If you are looking for high quality and cheap show plates on sale, then look no further. At Autoworld Online, you get both off-road and legal show number plates that are guaranteed to last. Our car show plates uk are express delivered to you within 3 business days.

What are show number plates?

Show Number plates are customisable and don’t need to match DVLA approved registration marks such as ‘DANNY’ or ‘FERRARI’. Show number plates UK are usually used at car shows and for car photography, which makes for an impressive result. It is illegal to display car show number plates on a road-going vehicle.

Our Custom show number plates are completely adaptable to one’s personal requirements and vehicle styles, making them the perfect addition to any vehicle. However stunning your car show number plates may look, you need to remove them from the vehicle whenever driving on UK roads.

For questions related to show number plates, get in touch with our representatives at Autoworld Online. Call us ✆ 01204534333

Different Number Plates we sell
Show Plates
  • Show Plates
  • 4D Number Plates
  • 3D Number Plates

What does show plates look like?

A customised show number plate offers more design flexibility than legal number plates as it is possible to customise choosing different registration layouts, borders, fonts, badges, slogans and more. When designing car show plates, you can let your imagination run wild or you can use our huge online catalogue of styles available for selection. We make our show plates uk with the highest quality materials, using the same premium acrylic used in our road-legal plates. we also design 3d number plates & 4d number plates.

Are show plates legal?

We already know that show plates UK are illegal number plates, but that does not mean you can get them made by anyone. Trust only registered number plate makers like Autoworld Online to ensure that they make even your show plate following the rules. This ensures your car show plates uk are not a duplicate of a valid registration number, which if caught may cause heavy fines and lead to legal trouble. When making show number plates, we always ask for your ID and valid DVLA document.

Vehicle Car Number Show Plates for sale
Vehicle Car Number Show Plates for sale

Motorcycle show number plates

As their car counterpart, motorcycle show number plates are slowly but surely becoming very popular. Autoworld supplies bike show plates with a vast amount of customisation options.

We have the expertise with both 3d gel and 4d neon text show number plates uk available on our website on sale all around the year.

Why buy show number plates from us?

  • Manchester’s most trusted show plate supplier
  • A vast range of sizes, specifications and style
  • Prompt Customer support via phone or email
  • Express delivery of your show plates
  • Customised design as per customers choice
  • Unbeatable Pricing

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