We can fix bumps and scratches whilst your alloys are being repaired

Alloy Wheel Repairs

If your alloy wheel has kerb damage, scuffs and scratches and looks unsightly, we can repair and repaint your alloy wheels and get them looking as good as new. We remove all damages, grease, and existing paintwork and take the alloy wheels down to bare metal before repairing them. After the repair part is done, we coat your alloys with primer and then paint your alloys to your specifications or the original manufacturer’s finish. We can also refurbish diamond cut alloys, although the process is a little more complex, our skilled technicians carry out all alloy wheel refurbishment to the highest standard with the help of our state-of-the-art machinery.

Number Plates Triple Clear Krystal Black Gel
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Number Plates Triple 4D Lazer Cut Black
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Number Plates Single Krystal & Matt 4D
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Number Plates Reverse Shadow Number Plate
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Number Plates Matt 4D 3mm
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But while we are doing this, we also provide our customers with SMART repairs where we fix any bumps and scratches on your beloved vehicle.

SMART repairs are suitable for

  • Dent repair
  • Scratch repair
  • Bumper repair
  • Exterior paintwork repair

Bumps, dents and scratches

Even the most careful drivers can have a minor bump, dent or scratch from time to time. These can damage the car’s paintwork or the panels and body of your car. With our SMART repair, we fix the damaged area only and not the entire body of the car. This makes it very affordable and extremely quick for our customers.

Paintwork repairs

Our experienced team carries out minor touch-ups with accurately matching the colour to the rest of your vehicle. We also do full resprays of your vehicle where we mix paint colours on site. Our skilled colour experts use the highest-quality paints that are expertly blended to match the rest of the paintwork and apply them to the body of the car using a spray gun.

Dents and panel repairs

With the help of tools specially designed for paint less dent repair, we remove dents from vehicles where the paint is not damaged. For dents accompanied by a scratch or scuff, we repair the damage first and then repaint the area using colour-matched paint.

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