Suppose you are in your car, travelling with your pets, and suddenly, a breakdown happens. Not all breakdown companies attend vehicles with pets. They may refuse vehicles with pets. But Number Plate Clinic, UK, attends your vehicle with pets. We can fix your problem on the roadside or take the car to our recovery center if you have a big problem.

However, you must inform us whether there is any pet in your car at the time of the contract. Pets can very well travel in recovery vehicles at the discretion of their owners or recovery operators.

Reasons Many Recovery Operators Reject Pets.

A pet during a vehicle breakdown demands comfort and safety from its owner or the breakdown company service providers. Sometimes it is difficult to control a pet at the petrol pump or recovery centres. People avoid pets for various reasons. Some of us develop allergic tendencies from a particular pet. The pets demand enough space, which the breakdown company may not have.

Why Number Plate Clinic?

We at the Number Plate Clinic allow pets in your vehicle while we tow your car or move it. Safety is our primary concern. But we do not offer pet care, and you must take them away with you. We do not insure animals.

While facing an accident, you must keep them under control and abide by the Highway Code norms. To avoid any untoward situation, and for the safety of your pets, the owner must use a pet carrier, pet guard, pet cage, and a seat belt harness always with you.

Specialisation Of The Number Plate Clinic, UK

  • We provide a one-year warranty period.
  • Ours is the most innovative custom design you can trust.
  • We ensure tracked delivery by the next day.
  • We offer various kinds of wheel refurbishments.
  • You can enjoy the same-day collection of your vehicle from us.
  • We provide split interest-free payments.
  • We are one of the most trusted names for custom logo show plates.

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