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Why is your car making unusual noises?

Modern cars are usually well-oiled machines, so generally, they should run noise free and smoothly. If they start making any unusual sounds, be ready to work on it because it is worrisome.

Car noises can imply a multitude of things, depending upon the time they occur and the part of the car from where they come. It is usually tricky for the untrained ears to figure out what’s wrong, so here’s a guide to make you better understand the peculiar sounds made by your vehicle:

  • Clicking sound: If your car makes a clicking sound while idling, it can mean low oil pressure.
  • Hissing sound: If there’s any hissing sound coming from under the car’s bonnet while idling, either your engine might be overheating, or you’ve got a vacuum leak somewhere.
  • Slapping sound: If you can discern an increasing slapping sound with a gradual increase in your driving speed, one of your tires could be on the verge of damage.
  • Grinding sound: If you catch your gear stick grinding while changing gears, it may mean that your shift linkage needs adjusting or the clutch is worn out.
  • Chirping sound: Chirping sound usually means that an axle or a wheel bearing is starting to break down.
  • Squealing sound: A shrill or squeaking sound coming when the car moves can mean that the accessory belt (V belt) has some defect.
  • Rattling sound: Rattling sound can mean numerous things, depending on the source of the sound. If the rattling sound is consistently coming from underneath your car, it can either mean a broken catalytic converter or a loose exhaust system component. If the rattle is under the bonnet, it can mean a bad fan clutch or some oil level issue.
  • Ticking sound: Ticking sound from under the bonnet means that your car’s engine is low on oil, and if the oil levels are fine, it indicates a deeper problem with the valve train.

These are the basics when it comes to the unusual noises that vehicles make. Remember that any unusual sound indicates a severe problem with the car, so it is advisable to take the vehicle to a mechanic shop for a fix. An even better solution is calling the experts from Number Plate Clinic to your place for a fix.

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