How are alloy wheels made?

Alloy wheels were originally added to racing cars, yet they have become an increasingly common sight on common roads. Alloy wheels are normally manufactured from aluminum, magnesium or a composite of both. You will normally find that aluminum wheels are lighter though more expensive. You may notice differences in the way your car drives initially after changing to aluminum, but should quickly become used to the change. Magnesium wheels are also noted for their lightness, though they aren’t as pliable as aluminum wheels. Alloy wheels give you the chance to add value to your car whilst enhancing its look as well as the driving experience.  One of the reasons the driving experience is improved after you’ve invested in alloy wheels is that your car becomes easier to both handle and drive.

How we can help

At Number Plate Clinic, we offer everything from quick and simple light touch-ups to full refurbishments, enabling you to save potentially hundreds of pounds. We offer some of the most cost-effective alloy wheel refurbishment services on the market without ever compromising on quality. We can refit tyres, refurbish the front and back of wheels, remove small scuffs and scratches, reverse discoloration, repaint, lacquer and colour match your wheels and much more. We offer a wide range of colour options, such as black, gunmetal, white, anthracite and more and can also come to your assistance if you require wheel straightening and welding.

All imperfections removed

We have the experience, expertise and resources to deliver the outstanding alloy wheel refurbishment services that you require, offering services like bead blasting, chemical stripping, powder-colour-coating, 200 degrees cunning and more. We are passionate about meeting and even surpassing your needs whilst removing all imperfections to make your wheels appear as good as new.

Getting in touch with Number Plate Clinic 

Number Plate Clinic is also an excellent source for all sorts of car accessories and parts for all kinds of motors. We have been in the business since way back in 2006 and are open 7 days a week. The company can be found on various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and you can reach us today by calling 01204 53 43 33. Alternatively, send an e-mail to There is also a contact form on our site that you can use if you have any queries about our alloy wheel refurbishments or other services.

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