Do wheel sizes affect performance?

Today, we are going to explain the relationship between wheel size and the car’s performance. Apart from addressing the relationship between the size of your wheels and your car’s performance, we will also consider your preference for comfort, ride quality, and performance. Most people do not even know that the size of a wheel actually affects the performance of their car.

The size of the wheels not only affects the performance of the car but also dictates the noise your car makes, the vibration you feel while driving, and even the overall comfort of the car. If you are thinking about upgrading your wheels, this article is a must-read for you as it gives every detail on how your car will behave.

Car will be more Stable

If you plan to install a bigger wheel on your car, it will increase your vehicle’s stability. With bigger wheels, it will considerably shorten your braking distance and we all know that the shorter the braking distance, the better it is.

Speed will be Compromised

As larger wheels are heavier than normal or smaller wheels, it is natural that it will compromise the speed of the vehicle during acceleration.

The comfort of your car

A larger wheel means the tires will be thinner and its shock-absorbing capability will decrease considerably. This will cause extra bumps, more vibrations, and noise during your drive.

Suspension Performance

Larger wheels are heavier that create a more significant impact on the road surface, which puts your suspension at risk of damages.

Car’s Fuel Performance

As larger wheels take more power to roll, you are likely to see an increase in the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Drive Quality during Cornering

Larger wheels are not the right option if you want to make sharp turns at high speeds, as you might risk overturning your vehicle.

Load Capacity

Larger wheels let your car carry more load as the load capacity increases with the increased weight and surface area of your tyre.

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