How to Prevent Wheel Damage And Tips For Refurbishment

When you purchase a new car, you drive it carefully and are hypersensitive to the slightest bumps and scuffs that appear on its exterior. If you notice any alloy wheel damage in these early days, you immediately get them repaired. However, with time you ignore scratches and dents which left untreated can lead to damaged alloy wheels. We advise regular maintenance of your alloy wheels in order to save money on repairs.

Ways to avoid damaging your alloy wheels

If you have recently had your alloy wheels refurbished at Number Plate Clinic or bought a new set and want to keep them looking good as long as possible, there are ways to avoid damage to your new or refurbished alloy wheels.

  • Never drive over a kerb
  • Clean your alloy wheels regularly to avoid brake dust and grime build-up which are a major cause of corrosion
  • Don’t run over anything and watch out for debris on the road
  • Remover the worst grime with the use of a proprietary wheel cleaner but use it sparingly as regular use will damage the lacquer finish if not rinsed properly
  • Take an extra few seconds and avoid clipping kerb when parallel parking
  • One major cause of damage to your wheel rims is having low pressure in your tyres so always check and keep your tyres properly inflated
  • You can damage your alloys by rolling your wheel over a sharp corner, so avoid making sharp turns around corners

Where to get your alloy wheels refurbished?

We hope these tips help you avoid damages to your alloy wheels, but if you still run into a problem, Number Plate Clinic is there to help. Our expert technicians offer quality alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment across Bolton and Manchester.

Maximum number of times a wheel can be refurbished

A Diamond-cut alloy wheel refurbishment enters the cutting process every time and can be completed around three times but it depends on the strength of the alloys. Painted alloys refurbishment does not require the cutting process but still, the extent of damage is accessed and if the alloys are worth refurbishing only then our experts will advise on one.

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